Energy Use From US Crypto Mining Firms is Contributing to Rising Utility Bills. If You Are A Miner, What Are Your Alternatives? : altcoin

Energy use from US crypto mining firms is contributing to rising utility bills. An investigation revealed that companies use enough energy to power Houston, and contribute to growing carbon emissions. In a nutshell, they are burning more energy and resources to generate less profit now.

However, there are many green cryptos right now. If you are a miner, and care about the energy consumption, cost, and the bad effect on the environment, you can try other mineable cryptos that consume less power, greener, or even more profitable. For example Crypton, the native coin of Utopia P2P.

Utopia P2P is the Internet without damage to nature. Utopia P2P is a decentralized multifunctional ecosystem with a low carbon footprint. It unites conscious people and enables them to make the most of the green Internet for free.

You only need internet and a PC or VPS to start Crypton’s “easy-mining” process. I’ve posted the link below if you want to know how to mine this altcoin.


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