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In response to popular demand please find the link to this month’s Moonshot Portfolio

For those not familiar with our monthly Moonshot Portfolio – it is a selection of 20 undervalued cryptocurrencies which have been:

● Researched

● Risk assessed

● Price target

It has been described as the most valuable free resource in the altcoin investment space.

The month ended up 54% with the portfolio up 446% since inception in February 2021. It was a breathtaking month with Kryll up 669%, Don’t KYC up 437%, Opacity up 269% and Haven up 160%.

We added and culled only one new cryptocurrencies this month. Find out which cryptocurrency we removed and the one exciting cryptocurrency we added by viewing the full portfolio. You can also subscribe to receive a free copy every month.

Below is an example of one of the 20 cryptocurrencies featured in this month’s Moonshot Portfolio.

Digital Fitness


Next generation of digital fitness through crypto rewards to stay fit and healthy and complete challenges.


DEFIT was first created by its parent company 360Wellness to become its native token.

It completed a fundraising in April via IDO which sold out in 2 minutes receiving 4,000 applicants with its token hitting an all time high price of $1.39.

DEFIT’s objective is to disrupt the Fitness Industry and build the next generation of digital wellness.

The project is building momentum nicely and is in talks with various fitness related entities looking to implement DEFIT into their products and services. In addition they have over 700 personal trainers who have shown an interest in utilizing DEFIT’s technology.

Click here to view Digital Fitness White Paper

Digital Fitness (DEFIT) price today, chart, market cap & news | CoinGecko


An experienced documented team which you can view here

Our Opinion

Risk Score: 7

Target Price: N/A

Maximum Supply: 50M

DEFIT is the kind of project we love. It is focusing on a niche that others have not ventured into yet. It is also an area which lends itself perfectly to crypto and is unlikely to be caught up in the cross hairs of any regulatory crackdown when that time comes. We believe DEFIT has massive growth potential and is a project worth closer attention.

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