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Sphynx Wallet App Out Now 📱

Sphynx Labs has expanded their AIO ecosystem with the introduction of their Wallet App on both the Apple App Store, and Google Play Store. This wallet is like no other and offers CEX-like functionality in a completely decentralized environment.

For those that don’t know, Sphynx Labs is a cross-chain AIO ecosystem that offers the following and more to investors and users of the dAPP and Mobile Wallet:

🕯️ Swap and Charts 🕯️Stop Loss and Limit Order 🕯️Project Launchpad for users to enter presales 🕯️Stable Bridge 🕯️NFT Staking 🕯️Farming and Staking Pools 💡Fiat buys and bank transfers (More regions coming soon)

Sphynx TG: Website: dAPP: CMC:

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